Toronto, Ontario, May 15, 2012 – (, a not-for-profit civic engagement organization, today announced the launch of their Democracy 2.0 tool allowing constituents and their elected representatives to be part of an open, transparent, and engaging conversation about the issues that impact their community.

Embracing the values of Gov 2.0, Open Government, Open Data, and Democracy 2.0, is creating a collaborative environment where people and elected representatives can work alongside each other to solve problems.

With a clever design and intuitive interface, CitizenBridge invites Canadians to gain a better perspective on their elected representatives as well as the various Bills that are being discussed in the Canadian legislature.  Users also have the option to “follow” the elected representatives or Bills that matter to the and delve deeper into the nuances that form a Democracy.

Their goal is to eventually provide a one-stop-shop where the public will be able to view, understand, and engage with their three levels of representation – Federal, Provincial, and Municipal – providing Canadians a different way to be part of the process.

To celebrate the release of the beta site, CitizenBridge will be hosting an event on May 16th, at the Toronto City Hall Member’s Lounge to introduce Torontonians on Government 2.0 and the Open Government movement.

The purpose behind these movements is to make government much more transparent, engaging, and collaborative.  “Government, Data and Engagement: Introducing Gov 2.0 to Toronto” is the first event planned for the new GOV 2.0 Toronto Meet Up Group (, which aims to create an in-person dialogue to complement the online exchange taking place.

The event features two speakers who are well versed in the matters of government, technology and open data:

As the Research Manager at Samara Canada, we are pleased to have Wayne Chu discuss his findings on social media, engagement and technology. Harvey Low, fresh off his attendance to the Open Gov Partnership conference in Brasilia, Brazil, will speak on his experience at this watershed moment in democracy.

In the true spirit of social media and engagement, an interactive online Twitter Q&A will take place as the discussion is in session, with the use of the hashtag: #GOV20YYZ

You can learn more about CitizenBridge by visiting, visiting, or by contacting Richard Pietro at

You can learn more about the Gov 2.0 Toronto event by going, visiting, joining the Facebook page, or contacting Anita Chauhan at


Date:  May 16th, 2012
Time:  6:15pm to 9:00pm
Location:  Toronto City Hall (Member’s Lounge)
Registration Page: