Learn how the growing Gov 2.0, Democracy 2.0, OpenData, and OpenGov movements will soon be making big waves in your community.


Toronto, Ontario, February 8, 2012 – CitizenBridge.org (www.citizenbridge.org) will be hosting an event as part of Social Media Week (www.socialmediaweek.org) on February 16 at Toronto City Hall to explore the depths and implications of how Gov 2.0, Democracy 2.0, OpenData and OpenGov will be changing the relationship between the Public and their elected Representatives.

The purpose behind these movements is to make government much more transparent, engaging, and collaborative. “An Evening on the Evolution of Democracy” is dedicated to investigate both the potential and drawbacks of these fascinating new developments.

One of the key elements of this investigation will be achieved through a roundtable discussion that will include the following stakeholders in the civic engagement community:

Councillor Josh Matlow – Toronto, Ward 22, St. Paul’s
Twitter: @joshmatlow

Rob Newman – Project Lead, BetterBallots.to & President of Sustainable Strategy Inc.
Twitter: @rob_newman

Melissa Tullio – Senior Advisor, Centre for Innovation and Workplace Culture
Twitter: @OPS_innovates

Richard Pietro – Co-Founder, CitizenBridge.org & Former Green Party Candidate
Twitter: @richardpietro

Issues such as the privacy of our personal information, the accountability of decisions made in a collaborative political environment, and perhaps most importantly, will these movements become the new status quo or are they simply a passing fad?

In the true spirit of social media and engagement, an interactive online Twitter Q&A will take place as the Roundtable is in session.

“Everyone has questions, but some questions seem to be more relevant than others when you put a large group of people together,” says Richard Pietro, Co-Founder of CitizenBridge and roundtable participant. “What better way than using Twitter to gauge what’s on the mind of the audience?”

This will be accomplished using a combination of the event Twitter hashtag (#SMWTOCB), re-tweets, and an online tool known as Twaterfall (www.twaterfall.com). Anita Chauhan (@anita_chauhan), Social Media lead for CitizenBridge, will be facilitating, moderating, and tactically interjecting whenever a question or critique reaches critical mass.

Following the roundtable will be the demo of CitizenBridge.org and its vision on how the public and elected Representatives will engage in the very near future. As part of this demo, CitizenBridge will also be fielding questions about the site and soliciting comments on how to make it even better.

“An Evening on the Evolution of Democracy” promises to be engaging and enlightening for all who attend.

You can learn more about the event by Facebook Page, or contacting Richard Pietro at richard@citizenbridge.org

Date: February 16, 2012
Time: 5:30pm to 9pm
Location: Toronto City Hall (Member’s Lounge)
Registration: @richardpietro, or email at richard@citizenbridge.org