By Richard Pietro

After 1.5 years worth of blood, sweat, and tears peppered with one false starts, a couple of redefinitions, and countless meetings, the CitizenBridge Beta site is now up and running.

In that span, the team has grown from three volunteers to ten fully committed team members working during their spare time on a project they all feel will progress our Democracy to levels never before seen in history.

It has been quite a journey for the CitizenBridge team, and much as the title of this post would indicate…this is just the beginning. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in the future for the site:

1) Many more engagement tools, such Online Townhalls between elected representatives and their constituents.
2) A more comprehensive conversation tool on the parliamentary issues.
3) Hyperlinked activity feed to parliamentary Hansards (Hansards are printed scripts of parliamentary debates)
4) Buttons that will show  local, municipal, provincial, and federal support on the various issues.
5) Added information on your representative’s activity feed, including twitter and news media mentions.
6) Invitation request to elected representative to take ownership of their CitizenBridge page.
7) …and ofcourse, the inclusion of municipal and provincial governments onto the platform.

How can you help us? Sign up and tell your friends to do the same. The more we can show that people are hungry for this type of engagement, the more we can make it happen.