In Toronto? Want to know more about this (not-so) new and exciting thing called ‘Open Data’, ‘GOV20, and ‘Open Gov’ that you keep hearing about?

Well look no further. Next Thursday, Nov. 21st, 2013 at MaRS, the GOV2.0YYZ meet up is putting on an event:

Open Government & Open Data – A Series of Fortunate Events”

Here are the details:

DATE: Thursday, November 21, 2013
LOCATION: MaRS Discovery District
TIME: 6:30 – whenever!

Here is more information on the event itself – a survey of how we got to the place we are at now! Register here.

Open Government & Open Data – A Series of Fortunate Events

The Open Government and Open Data movements are transforming the way we interact with our Government…and in a good way.  As a matter of fact, these movements have been impacting many people for many years and are even on the cusp of generating a whole new economy.

This is not a fad;  It is happening right now and it is here to stay.

This event is specifically designed to give people context as to HOW it all came to be.

The evening will loosely follow the premise of a movie story arc.  Designed with an opening that sets the scene and introduces the audience to the main characters; followed by the adversity that comes when facing an uphill battle; and finally, the conclusion which leaves us with that good feeling.

…this is the story of the moments that have led to the growth of Open Government and Open Data.

…this is the story about how the underdogs are revolutionizing a system that needs a healthy dose of “new.”


Seven Minute Lightning Talks Delivered By

1) The Definition of Open Government & Open Data Richard Pietro – CitizenBridge

2) Open Source & Creative Commons Licenses Gabe Sawhney – Urban & Digital

3) Mapping & the legal battle between GeoCoder and Canada Post Morgen Peers – SIMCOE!

4) Portland, Google, & Transit…creating the GTFS Hussain Saleem – Rocketman App

5) Beth Noveck & the U.S. Patent Office Felix Tang – Innovate LLP and Computer Engineer

6) Open Data Portals…the Gateway to your Government Trish Garner – City of Toronto

7) Changing the Culture of Government & the #W2P Community Nick Schonning – Government of Canada

8) The Open Government Partnership Jury Konga – eGov Futures Group

9) Collaborative Tools & Environments Bianca Wylie – SWERHUN

10) Transparency in Budgeting Joshua McDougall – Bitcoinsultants