About Us

Creating a space for engagement, accountability, and transparency between Canadians and their Government.

CitizenBridge is a not-for-profit civic engagement organization creating an online platform that will allow Canadians and their elected representatives to have a conversation about the issues at the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal levels of government.

Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to create a government that is accessible, engaging, and transparent. We believe that using the power of technology to connect constituents with their elected representatives will strengthen the overall well-being of our communities.

Who are we?

We’re Canadians. Diverse from all walks of life, backgrounds, professions, and interests. We’re grateful for living in Canada, proud of our country’s history, curious about its present, and hopeful for its future.

Our Concern

We’re concerned about the increasing apathy, mistrust, and non-involvement of Canadians in how their lives are being shaped by our country’s politics, but we’re excited about the opportunities presented by various organizations, and evolving technologies that can help to reverse this trend.

We believe that as Canadians, we must all have access and understand the issues we are facing as individuals, families, and communities, and that we can trust that our government wants to make the decisions that best serve us as a whole.

We feel that elected representatives could use additional tools to have a truly engaged community where constituents and representatives work together in a collaborative environment to make the Canadian Democracy even more impressive.

Our Mission

We understand our elected officials have barriers in directly and effectively communicating with their constituents, but we’re encouraged by their desire to put forth their best efforts in connecting with us.

We’re convinced that despite the challenges that both Canadians and officials face in truly connecting with each other, the benefits of consistently practicing open communication far outweigh the obstacles, and hence, we’re driven to bridge the gap between Canadians and our government so that together, we can build a stronger tomorrow for all of us.

Our Solution

It’s untrue that Canadians don’t care about politics. They care – they’re simply frustrated with the inaccessibility of information and/or are overwhelmed by it. That’s why we’ve created CitizenBridge.org – a platform that makes it easier to navigate through relevant information regarding the legislature at all 3 levels of government, keep updated on the activities of elected officials, and begin a conversation between all of us where the issues can be resolved.

The lines of communication that have often been closed and inaccessible are now finally open allowing constituents and their elected representatives to have an open, transparent, and engaging conversation with each other about the issues that impact their community the most.

For Constituents

1) Follow the representatives, issues and bills that interest you.
2) View interesting infographics that quickly spell out the story.
3) Easy access to relevant information regarding your community and representatives.
4) Gain a better understanding of the reasons behind decisions that are made Federally, Provincially, and Municipally.
5) Read and post questions/comments that will be viewed by your community and elected representatives.
6) Work alongside your elected representative

For Representatives

1) One place to easily communicate directly with your constituents.
2) Hold online townhalls or Q&A’s
3) Provide your perspective on the issues, and how they could affect your Riding.
4) Gain a much better understanding of the pulse of your Riding.
5) Highlight the work done in Community or Caucus that is typically ignored in the media.
6) Work alongside with your constituents.

Sources of inspiration

The Canadian Gov 2.0 community is growing rapidly, as it is around the World, and many have worked tirelessly to bring Democracy to an unparalleled level of engagement. Citizenbridge  acknowledges the following organizations as a source of inspiration and we wish them nothing but the best of luck, and we look forward to working alongside them for many years to come.

Samara Canada, OpenParliament, Next Parliament, Make them work for you, Democratize ,The Toronto Open Data Portal, Civic Action, Gov in the Lab, They work for you, Sunlight Foundation, O’Reilly Media, GovFresh, GovLoop

Sources of Information

Information relating to Representative and Bills has been made available by Parl.gc.ca.  We’d also like to recognize OpenNorth for the creation of the Represent API for riding maps, and for the ‘Riding to Postal Code’ API. We appreciate and are thankful for the efforts of everyone involved in making this information available for the community’s use.

NOTE: CitizenBridge contains data licensed “as is” under the Government of Canada Open Data License Agreement. Such licensing does not constitute an endorsement by the Government of Canada of this product.

Our team:

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